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Examples of stylized graphs from the Tangible Design System.

Tangible Design System

Tangible is a design system for Freeman’s web-based applications. It provides styling specifications, rules and examples so that Freeman’s suite of web-based applications can have a similar look and feel.

Scope: The Tangible Design System includes a cloud-based Adobe XD document, a website with specifications and code snippets, as well as, component and icon libraries.

Direct Contributions: I designed all components, managed the Adobe XD document, and championed the overall project. I also worked with two front-end developers to built out the component libraries.

Design Rationale: I was asked to lead the UI/UX design efforts for additional projects within Freeman. To streamline the design process and to provide a consistent look, feel and experience to the applications I was responsible for, I felt it was best to design and implement a design system.

Examples of stylized elements from the Tangible Design System.
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